The New Synergy Effect

March 25, 2017

With a new brand and new look, Synergy officially launches The Synergy Effect as the ROI innovation engine and online marketing platform, built to drive online revenue growth for all of its brands.

On the back of several successful acquisitions in 2015 & 2016, Synergy pulled together a strong team of marketing and digital specialists, as well as ROI experts and technology gurus. Using the online growth and success experienced from brands such as Flat Tummy Tea, The Synergy Effect was formed and from it, a proprietary and innovative growth platform with an algorithm to project revenue and optimize growth.

At the center of the Synergy ethos is innovation, and a desire to achieve lasting revenue growth in nimble and agile ways. This has largely been achieved in the creation and scaling of The Synergy Effect. This internal growth engine and ROI marketing platform will propel online growth for each of the Synergy brands and assist in achieving ultra scale using the newest digital strategies available today.

“Today is a momentous day for Synergy CHC Corp. We knew we had something unique and different but in the formation of the Synergy Effect brand, we’ve solidified a technology and platform online that drives revenue growth using our proprietary algorithm for engagement and online sales.”
Jack Ross, CEO & Chairman

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